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After a long silence i came back :)
The thing is.... i didn't work with any interesting topics then. Now we went to chennai for attending Microsoft recruitment conducted by an agency called Merit Trac, especially for girls ( Woman's Day Special )

We 14 girls from our college started on 6th of this march in train ( actually we wanted this to be a jolly trip and thats what happened ;) ) The thing is everyone in our compartment were happy because of us ;)

Another one incident which made me to dive into the well of Happiness is I Met one of my Friend DHILMA :) , the beauty is i never seen her before.............. My friend is a friend of my friend :D :D confused ???? Dhilma is my friend's friend..... got it ? Felt very happy to see her... :)... but never got a chance to meet her again in chennai :(

We went to T nagar too crowdy :-/ the one thing which i really mad with in T nagar is the 5rs cone ice cream ;) , surya was scolding me that she couldn't eat ice cream :D :D......

8th march we went to St. Michales Academy, Adyar for attending the Campus process,
around 1000 came that day. chennai is one of the center in India out of 11

Prepalcement talk was given by Anil, nice one, Microsoft is really a nice environment to work with :)
we had written exam, with full of technical questions.......... and the results will be announced shortly.......
we had a great time in beach :D
thought some poems when i was in beach, will post it later

Memorable days with friends.............. ;)
Happy Always........... :)


oii nive samaya eluthirukka.... hmm... i vl inform dhilma also to c this...

that was a nice read. what about the recruitment results?
keep writing. cheers!

Oops..... i forgot about results...
no one cleared the 1st round... :)
cheers... :)

uh oh. sorry. better luck next time.

hmm ... sorryelam vendam... :)
bcoz we went a jolly trip holding microsoft as a reason... ;)
thank u Murali :)

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