ORCHESTRA in NEC ...... :O  

Posted by Nivedhida Devi

Hi friends,
Yesterday we celebrated our 24th Annual day , asusual the function moved with prize distribution.... ( i didnt sit for that time :) )
We actually entered after prize distribution....
I was really surprised to see the ORCHESTRA in our college.
The students really did a wonderful job..... :)
They performed only few songs..... but great :)
The songs they sung......... (Proud to introduce My college Orchestra)
Karthick ( keyboard player , allrounder) - He made the things beautiful
-> Kanadhasan Karaikudi - Vivek Laxman ( :O )
-> Indian Girls ( Yogi B) - Vasanth and team ( i dont know their names ... :( )
-> Mudhal Mazhai
(Bheema) - Bejoy and Prema (My Favourite Singers) :)
-> Manasae Manase
(April Mathathil) - Diwaharan
-> Ilaya nila poligirathu
(sorry, dont know the - Arun ( New in my Favourite Singers list) :)
picture name)
I wish the team to ROCK Forever.... :)
But they missed a cute nightingale of NEC...... ( he he he he he...... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D)


I used to read your blogs occasionally. I liked Some of your poems. But, never thought of commenting.

For this post, I feel an urge to comment. Maybe bcos of the name 'Karthick' and the title "allrounder".

BTW, who is the nightingale u r talking about :). I thought you are no good at singing.

Also, blogging is a great habit and seems some of your friends are also into it. Seeing all these, I am feeling the urge for blogging too.


Hmm Thank anna :)
Ofcourse me.... :( (just kidding)
Thank you :)

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