Dare For a Bus Ride??? ;) ;) ;)  

Posted by Nivedhida Devi

Hi Friends, I think all had nice time on Ganesh Chathurthi ..:) :) me too had nice time in pooja and through out the day... :) :) :) but one small worry, i didnt eat kollukattai well :D :D :D We started to a function in Dindugal... :) :) :) the train journey was good ( not stop talk with my friend ) :) :).. Function was great :) :) :) enjoyed a lot :) :) We again started to our town :) :) :) Here started our bad time :( :( we decided to take bus..... til madurai the journey was good :) :) :) got window seat :D :D :D around 3 we started from madurai...... I Want to stop here :) This is my first time in Maatu thaavani bus stand ...... really the bus stand, i can say GREAT, i wanted to praise our government :) :) :) but got irritated by the people there :-/ :-/ A recorded voice is reciting these lines continuosly " Please keep the place clean, throw the wastage in dust bins " simply people forming virtual dustbin for their use and throwing waste in it, so sad..... :( :( :( :( :( The words of A.P.J (previous post) should compulsorily be followed by all, to make INDIA a HEAVEN :) :) Like "Rain Water Harvesting" this should be implemented everywhere........ atleast for this we can call our Respected Jayalalitha :D :D :D :D :D


Hey Nive... with the posts increasing u r sounding to b a gr8 citizen of India yaar.... Keep it up... n really v suffered a great there!!!

take care...

we?..does that mean both of u went together??
yup matuthavani does look gr8 yaar..Seriously u are right. when will the ppl change !!

Haha.... yes Priyanka .... but we both had fun there ..... :) :)

Yes Kamal ...myself and Priyanka.. :)
hmm ....
That is a great deal Kamal... but need a quick change ... :) :)

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Bus followed by Jayalalitha recalls Tharmapuri incident.......
Where we are going?
Jai Sai Ram

hmm yup.... no one is perfect ....

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