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Posted by Nivedhida Devi

Hi Friends,

These holidays are little boring :(.. without knowing what to do yesterday, got an idea to write personal diary.. :) :) took one nice dairy and started ... something i scribbled, but enjoyed a lot while writting and that made a great laughter after reading that... So if anyone want to bore your bore or kill your bore can try this :) :)


"bore your bore" - nice phrase.

I remember a dialogue from 'Heyram'

M K Gandhi: Most mahatmas don't admit they are one. Do you think I am a mahatma?

Saketh Ram: You will deny it if I say you are, So I shall deny you another denial sir.

"Deny your denial" another nice phrase.

Happy to get yoour comments anna :) :) .....

wow :) :) nice :) :)

nice pass time nive :) as ganesh said nice phrase.... :) then after completing my college i hav decided not to touch pen in this vacation :) :)so suggestion over ruled :)

hmm ... :) :) :)
ha ha ha ... nice principle prasanna :) :) :)

i njyed this post very much dear...gr8 job..

Thanx akka :) :) ):)

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