What Makes God Happy :)  

Posted by Nivedhida Devi

A little story heard from my friend... :) i felt this story was nice and had a wonderful meaning .. :) while hearing, i smiled .. :) as i want to see the same smile in you i am posting the story here.. :)
Once lived a man, who want to make god Happy, decided to present god the beautiful and sweet smelling flowers. But while offering, he wasn't happy and got a doubt that how god will be happy by offering the same flowers that he offered to me ??!!
Then he had a thought to offer Fruits, and had the same doubt??!!
Then he decided to offer sweet, silk dresses and jewels and ended with the same doubt.. ??!!
finally he find the correct way to see the pleasure in god's face.. :)
Can u guess what is that way??
Fine let me tell...
He offered the things offered to him by god to helpless others... :) :)At that moment he felt the Happiness and smile in GOd ... :)
How is the story??? :) :) :)


Lot of smileys :)

Smileys express a lot (i suppose), and i like smileys :) :)

Whats there to suppose, they indeed express a lot.

Pillaiyar is also looking great with his smiling face :)

ha ha :D :D ...
yes anna pullayaarappa always :):)

hey great story nive because..... it made god smile , u smile and me smile :) :) :) by this story ill also make others smile :) expecting more stories... haha

Hmm :) :) :)
heard from Priyanka Prasanna :) :) oh great... go ahead:):):) sure will post :) :) :)

hm..nive... wonderful thought that u spread this message..it is this story that laid in me the thought of helping others.. :) :) :) very much happy reading here...
xpecting u to spread much more such thoughts.....

Hey this one inspired me a lot :) u told me this ... :) :) sure sure will do la :) :) :)

Nice story!!

oru Bible vasanam njapakam varukirathu..

'ivarkalukku(vayathaanavarkalukku) neengal ethai seytheerkalo athai enakkee seythiirkaL..'

vaazthukkal thozi!

Thank U:) :) :)
hmm...... :)
Nanri Gokul :) :)

நெஞ்சைத் தொடும் பதிவு. வாழ்த்துக்கள்

if he gave it all away he will soon stop smiling..wat say?

நன்றி :) :) :) :)

Hmm i think NO :P
He is hero na .... so he wont :) :) :)
Thank you Kamal :) :)

hey nive....
its nice:)
sure ..u told a big thing in a little story with lots of smile..
as usual .. its ur style:):)

Hey thank u janaki ..... :) :) :)
Happy :) :)

very nice 1 la...help the people who needs..very nice thought from the story..

@ Princy

Thanx Princy :)

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