Vaaranam Aayiram :'(  

Posted by Nivedhida Devi

What a movie!!!!!

The say "The most expected thing will give the unexpected results" best suits.... :P
to say simply, Gowtham wasted a superb plot.
Wishes for Harris super de dooper work.... :) :)

Warning : Don't try this picture without anyone
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totally agreed.."dont try this without anyone :) " good one :P

and cool theme :)

@ kamal kannan

:) :)
Thank You Kamal :)

i dono y u all guys dislike this me it was a gud movie when v neglect last 20 mins of the movie.Encouraging Father -Sportive Son..appa other movie came like this before..the movie also went well in box office

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@ Karthi

Ya the plot is really good.... but asusual the movie rounded out of the story :) :) :)

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