Happy Days :) :) :) :)  

Posted by Nivedhida Devi

The movie which made me too crazy about it....
cracked smile even after Subham :) , i dont know may be this is because we are standing immediately next to our college days (Happy Days)
But for sure everyone sing their own happy days songs :) :) :) :) :)
some friends said ...... "the flim is ok, filled with craps".... ofcourse craps... all that craps we used to enjoy there, most stupid talks we debate :) :) :) wow evergreen.........
One thing number of staffs and classroom galatas were missing ...... but nice movie :)
Thinking it inside NEC ..... hahahahahhaha no chance .......... :D :D :D
Note: Requesting NEC staffs to see this movie, especially IT Staffs (hehehhehehehehe)


u r right gal...
the film gets back to our college days..
its really a fantastic movie...

@ manithuligal...

hmmm yes akkaa :)

I think you are using two different usernames for your blogs... I think they both can be linked together. Check it up. Your mental horizon is exciting me. Great work. Wishes.

@ Go.Ganesh

Yes anna using different usernames, they can be anna.... but thought to have separate one for Tamil ... so that anna :) :)

Oooo :) :) Thank You Anna :)

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namma college sitela intha blog ah add panniralam.kandipa response niraya irukum.

@ viwin

hahahaha ....... :D :D
rombaaaaaaaaaaaa nalla irukkum
thanx viwin :) :)

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